Current Members for 2021 (2022 if indicated)

The active members list has been updated to reflect those paid for 2021 & 2022. Please review the list and if you're not on it noting (2022), please send in your check to the address below, made payable to "Watrous South Neighborhood Association".  Thank you.


Please mail your check to:

    Watrous South Neighborhood Association

    PO Box 35845

    Des Moines, Iowa 50315

Below is a list of paid members for 2021/2022 as indicated:

Benson, Peggy & Bob (Pd thru 2022)

Bradley, Shirley & Jerry

Burns, Jeri

Coffey, Darlene

Cook, Bill & Sunny (Pd thru 2022)

Hansen, Audrene (Pd thru 2022)

Harris, Mitch

Hurst, Gerald & Susan (Pd thru 2022)

Johnson, Mary and Dan (Pd thru 2022)

Latch, Richard (Pd thru 2022)

Lyman, Kathie

Mattson, Clarence & Linda (Pd thru 2022)

Menzel, Paul & Denise (Pd thru 2022)

Olerich, Ceryl & David

Shuput, Travis

Spiller, James & Rachel

Tancreti, Cheryl & Dave (Pd thru 2022)

Tiffany, Irving (Pd thru 2022)

Business Members:

Conlin Properties (Paid thru 2024)

Holiday Inn Des Moines Airport